The Importance of Enzymes

When it comes to adding enzymes to your meal, it shouldn’t have to become a major production, a “less is more” affair will do. I often simply make a green salad of mixed leaves, toasted seeds and avocado, dressed simply with cold pressed olive oil, lemon juice and perhaps a tiny b it of raw honey & crushed garlic.

The importance of Enzymes

Adding Enzymes to your meals are hugely important for good digestion, but did you know just how necessary enzymes are to every cell in your body, in other words, enzymes are essential to all physiological processes, below are some examples:

  • Energy production
  • Absorption of oxygen
  • Fighting infections and healing wounds
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Getting nutrients into your cells
  • Carrying away toxic wastes
  • Breaking down fats in your blood and regulating cholestrol
  • Dissolving blood clots
  • Proper hormone regulation
  • Slowing te aging process


Enzyme Rich Foods:

  • Raw Fruits (especially papaya & pineapple)
  • Raw Vegetables (salad leaves is an excellent choice)
  • Sprouted seeds, grains & legumes

In my book every health checklist for your plate should feature an Enzyme box.

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