Kitchen Therapy

My Kitchen is my sanctuary where I can enter into a flow state of creativity or just cook for contentment. Pottering (love the pun) around in the kitchen, rearranging things just so, or unpacking lovely fresh ingredients or prepping and trying new dishes always brings more contentment and a sense of purpose to my day.

That kitchen feeling has inspired my next book; ‘Kitchen Therapy’. I would love to feature others who find working in their kitchen’s therapeutic. Calling all of those who find solace in their kitchen with cooking and baking. If you have created a cooking space that is your sanctuary and creative hub – I would love to chat more as it’s an integral part of the 3rd book I am working on. The requirements are not ‘fancy’ kitchens’ or that you are an amazing cook…your kitchen can literally by a tiny space or really cluttered…or really minimalist. It really doesn’t matter, as long as its your sanctuary and a working kitchen – please get in touch!

Pictured below is me (and my littlest munchkin)  feeling especially happy and smug after just serving up a simple fruit salad and a ‘fresh from the oven’ sourdough loaf.

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