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As I approach 40 (it’s a slippery slope, but I can feel the wind in my hair). I have learned that feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with clothes, make-up, money, age etc.

It is about feeling strong and healthy, and once that happens your confidence goes to the next level, and that is what feeling sexy and good about yourself is all about.

In order to get to the ‘strong and healthy’ you, there are no shortcuts, you have to consciously choose healthy food and exercise over their unhealthy counterparts, and it has to happen consistently. But how do we make those changes to our diet that will get us there, often the mere thought of change is terrifying and exhausting.

The art of eating well is a well-documented, and a much discussed subject, yet we all seem to struggle with implementing a healthy lifestyle despite the wealth of information available to us on the subject.

There are perhaps just too many schools of thought when it comes to the ultimate ‘diet’, it’s not only confusing, but makes us feel inadequate and overwhelmed.

What is the ultimate ‘diet’? The answer to that lies not in this article, but in your own inherent body-intelligence, willingness to listen and learn from our body’s messages and equally depends on your lifestyle, blood type and many other factors.

My belief is that every individual has a unique optimal diet that can only be determined through conscious eating and living, but often this journey to your own unique and sustainable lifestyle diet can be intimidating and confusing.

With guidance and support, we do much better to start, and stay on our personal path to your best health and that is where the real value of a Personalised Reboot lies.

Not only will your unique lifestyle be taken into consideration, but also your health issues, goals and food preferences, in order to make it as easy as possible to stick to your plan. You also receive daily support and encouragement, especially when you have fallen off the wagon. Often we are about to break through the mental and habit barrier, but when we are struggling at it alone we give up before we get to the other side. With support and encouragement it is so much easier to keep going.

Once you have embarked on a journey to your best health with support and guidance, a subtle shift happens, it becomes easy and sustainable to make daily choices that will promote your own personal recipe to radiant health.

My mission is to be a partner in that journey, and to witness that beautiful, and very rewarding leap my clients make to glowing health.  Sign up now for your Personalised Yoga Kitchen Reboot and become a food-porn-star in 2017


Thank you for reading.

In dedication to your radiant health,



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