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Food combining Benefits + Best Baked Potatoes Best baked potatoes recipe

6th November 2014

I can’t diet, my younger self tried and failed often. Then magically I became my optimal healthy weight one day and I happily lived ever after…actually no, I discovered food combining and haven’t struggled with my weight since. Food combining also eliminates and reduces all of the following; acid reflux, bloating, constipation, weight loss and cellulite, certainly making this worth trying if you struggle with any of those.

I have a healthy appetite and have never been able to starve myself and count calories, so food combining on a mainly plant based diet works really well for me. Here are the main principles, there are a few more intricate “rules” but I don’t adhere to them too strictly…and I do cheat sometimes especially when we go out for a meal or to a dinner party. Life is just too short to stick to the rules all the time, right?

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